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Oral Fluid - What can you get from testing?

We get asked all the time, "Is there a test that can detect current drug use?" In other words, a test that can show that the person is currently under the influence, or has ingested a controlled substance within the last 4-6 hours. Simply put....yes.

Oral fluid testing and technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. Police in Michigan are part of one of the first pilot programs for roadside oral fluid testing. Twin Tiers Drug & Alcohol Testing has this solution as well. The oral fluid tests we perform can detect use as early 30 minutes to an hour; and most substances are detectable for 1-3 days after ingestion. Oral fluid testing is an excellent option for initial testing in post accident and reasonable suspicion cases, for Non-DOT clients. Best of all, the test is essentially un-tamperable, not invasive, and you have results in 5 minutes, with an FDA approved device.

Call us today to find out how your testing program can greatly benefit from oral fluid testing!! Instagram - @twintiersdrugtesting Twitter - @TTDrugTest

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