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When you hold a CDL, or work under any DOT agency in a safety sensitive position, you must be included in a random pool for drug & alcohol testing.  Twin Tiers Drug & Alcohol Testing, LLC can manage your randoms, and keep you compliant.  We include randoms management in all of our house account contracts, but can also manage just the randoms portion of your program.  Our scientifically proven software is compliant under the DOT regulations for random drug & alcohol testing.  Plus, with our auto compensate features, you can join the pool, or pools, mid-year, and still be compliant for your annual numbers.  So whether you are an employer needing services, or a drug testing company in need of randoms for your clients, TTDAT has got you covered.  Call us today for a free consultation and assessment. 

View the entire CFR Title 49 Part 40

DOT FMCSA Truck Driving


Front Loader Tractor

Many Non-DOT positions, across many industries, could also be considered safety sensitive.  Any position that could endanger the pubic welfare, or the welfare of your other employees, has to be looked at in this light.  At Twin Tiers Drug & Alcohol Testing, LLC, we feel that these types of positions should also have random drug & alcohol testing.  Some of this positions may include: heavy machinery operation, factory workers running sensitive or dangerous equipment, dispatchers not required under Federal regulations to be tested, and many more; and Non-DOT random testing does not have to be limited to these positions.  Many states offer discounts, on workers compensation insurance, for instituting a Drug Free Workplace Policy, that includes random drug testing.  We use the same scientific method for Non-DOT random testing, as we do for DOT random testing. 

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