Did you know that over 77% of illicit drug users are employed in the United States?  That's almost 10% of America's workforce! More and more, Non-DOT regulated employers are adding drug & alcohol testing policies and procedures.  As a Non-DOT employer, you have a wide variety of options for drug testing.  Most states do not restrict the administration of a drug free workplace policy, and some offer workers compensation discounts to implement them.  Not sure which ones?  We do!  All of our Non-DOT testing can be used by employers, courts, families, substance abuse counselors, and more.


Non-DOT testing can include the following, in a number of combinations:

  • Urine Testing - expanded opiates available.

  • Hair Follicle Testing - 3 month window of detection for chronic drug use. Up to 17 substances available!

  • Oral Fluid Testing - 1-3 day window detection for current drug use.

  • Nail Bed Testing - 6 month window of detection!

  • PEth Blood Spot Testing - Alcohol biomarker that is much more reliable than urine EtG testing. Measures alcohol use over the previous 2-3 weeks

  • Evidential Breath Alcohol Testing - Immediate results from one of our Certified Breath Alcohol Technicians

ALL can be used for non-DOT regulated testing, and can show you a clearer picture of illicit drug use.  All results are either MRO Certified (Medical Review Officer) or F-ABFT Certified (Fellow of the American Board of Forensic Toxicology), and are admissible in a court of law. 


The future of Non-DOT testing is here, with i3ccf, Nexscreen, and Twin Tiers Drug & Alcohol Testing, LLC.  You HAVE to see this!



Point of Care Testing with Nexscreen and i3ccf, will have results to you instantly!; and the elimination of the 5 part form is critical for businesses who like less paperwork to deal with.  There are many reasons to go paperless: less waste, less PHI (Protected Health Information) floating around, reducing your company's carbon footprint, and the process is much faster. Plus you'll see:

  • Error Reduction.

  • Instant Results.

  • Online Platform for Collection and Storage of Results.

  • MRO Confirmation for Non-Negative Specimens and MRO Adjudication Included.

  • eTesting in Our Office, or Yours.

  • Seamless Incorporation with Random Pools.

  • All One Low Price

Best of all, one of our Certified Specimen Collectors will collect and verify the results immediately; OR with training and support from Twin Tiers Drug & Alcohol Testing, LLC, you can do the testing yourself, at your place of business.  We would supply you with the software, the cups, the shipping supplies, and knowledge to complete the testing; and save even MORE money!  This all comes with 24/7/365 post-accident and reasonable suspicion support!