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We were there once too.  Stuck in a dead end career.  Always making money for someone else, while you do all the hard work.  Or maybe you did pretty well with your career, and you are looking for a turn-key business to retire with, and hand down to your kids, and their kids.  Something to build yourself, and call your own.  With Twin Tiers Drug & Alcohol Testing Certified Specimen Collector Course™ and mentoring,  you can do just that!
Before we begin, we're going to answer your #1 question:
"Can't I just take one of the thousands of courses I see online for a few hundred dollars?"   Sure! But...
  • Will it teach you how to be DOT Breath Alcohol Technician?  No!
  • Will you be able to train your staff right away?  No!
  • Will it supply you with all the training materials needed to train your staff? No!
  • Will it teach you how to perform non-DOT hair follicle, oral fluid, POCT, nail, PeTH blood spot, or DNA sample collection?  No!
  • Will it set you up with MRO and Laboratory contracts?  No!
  • Will it partner you with Third Party Administrators to see instant business?  No!
  • Will it supply you with the knowledge to navigate the ever changing drug testing industry?  No!
  • Will it teach you how to perform on-site testing?  No!
  • Will it show you how to set up, and run your day-to-day business? No!
  • Will it be there for you, on demand, with a year's worth of mentoring?  No!
I could fill this entire page with questions they cannot answer, or answer with a "No!" 
My name is Greg Locke.  I'm the Operations Manager, Safety Officer, and Master Trainer for Twin Tiers Drug & Alcohol Testing, LLC.  I am a real person, and if you call our number I will answer.  I'm not a video training series and you aren't going to find fancy pictures and graphics on this page.  Anyone can slap a few videos together and call themselves a trainer.  I have been training people since I was 15 years old. I was an FCC licensed ACO (Assistant Chief Operator) of a 50,000 watt class D radio station at 14.  I've been navigating Federal regulations all my life.  I want to share my knowledge with you, and help you become the best you can be.  I will personally train you on all the aspects below, and mentor you through your first year of business.
When Jaime and I found out about this business opportunity, we did not do our research.  We did not find out about all of the possibilities available to us when it comes to training, equipment, overall lines of business we could facilitate from training, and what we SHOULD have been taught.  We struggled for months until we started doing our own research.  We reached out to industry leaders.  We learned how to rethink about the possibilities of this business, and how to create multiple lines of business within the drug testing industry, without being pigeon-holed into just collecting specimens; something that NO OTHER simple collector training course will provide.
This training course that Jaime Hill and I  have developed, encompasses our combined 40+ years in the operations, management, safety, industrial, and medical fields.  This knowledge that we hold dear, can raise you to next level of entrepreneurial success.  It all depends on how you use that knowledge.  Now, we aren't going to tell you, "oh don't do that, or do it like this," when it comes to the drug testing industry.  There are so many ways to make money, and be successful in this business.  We will help you figure it out, and do everything we can to facilitate your goals.  This business gives you back what you put in - plain and simple.
"So what do I get with TTDAT Certified Specimen Collector Course™?"  I thought you'd never ask!
  • Real, hands on learning - we only perform our training at our facility, inside the Enterprise Center, in beautiful, historic Sayre, PA
  • Certified Specimen Collector training to perform DOT and non-DOT urine specimen collections
  • Certified Breath Alcohol Technician training for DOT and non-DOT EBT or Evidential Breath Testing
  • Access to the most advanced EBT systems on the market, at a fraction of other companies - Made possible by our association with PAS Systems International
  • Certified Specimen Collector training to perform non-DOT hair follicle, oral fluid, nail bed specimen, and PeTH blood spot collections
  • Certified Specimen Collector training to perform DNA sample collection for paternity and relationship testing
  • All MOCK collections included - These are the required "tests" needed to pass the course per DOT regulations
  • All MOCK collections completed in person NOT over Skype or other video conferencing service
  • Training on reasonable suspicion under the DOT regulations, so you can train DERs and supervisors
  • Training on the use of illicit drugs and alcohol to train employees and supervisors alike
  • Training on how to become a Consortium/Third Party Administrator
  • Training of how to run random testing pools under the DOT, and for non-DOT companies as well; AND supply you with the software to make it happen
  • Training on when to administer post accident testing for the DOT, and how to manage that testing
  • Training on mobile collection site management
  • Training on the online eCCF platforms from FormFox and LabCorp's Web COC
  • Training on Point of Care Testing for non-DOT, if available in your state, or the state the employer resides
  • A nationally recognized drug free workplace policy that you can personalize for your clients and resell
  • Partnership with the nation's foremost MRO and laboratory service provider - i3screen
  • Partnership and distributorship with the world leader in paternity testing - DNA Diagnostic Center
  • Partnership and distributorship with the nation's leader in expanded hair follicle, nail bed, and Peth blood spot testing - United States Drug Testing Laboratories, or USDTL
  • Partnership with the leader in Point of Care Testing for non-DOT urine specimen collection - Nexscreen
  • Knowledge to understand drug testing results and when you should contact MROs with questions.
  • Knowledge of what technology and software you should, and must, in some cases, obtain to open a collection facility.
  • Industry contacts and lists of third party administrators to partner with
  • Knowledge of what software you need to run your business finances.
  • How and why to get fully insured
  • We will supply you with templates for all the forms you need to get started - collection services agreements, reasonable suspicion forms, drug testing protocols, consent forms, HIPAA forms, affidavit of correction forms, fatal flaw notification forms, EBT logs, instruction manuals, even fax cover sheets!
  • All the training materials needed to do all of this!
  • AND MORE!  Yes there is always more as the landscape of drug testing changes.
The best part - You will receive the Train the Trainer designation, as outlined in the DOT regulations. What does this mean?  You will be able to train your entire staff immediately for DOT collections.  And, if you choose, start training individuals to start their own businesses.  WOW right?  THAT'S NOT ALL!
For additional fees we can:
  • Build you a beautiful starter website
  • Design you the perfect logo
  • Build your social media pages
  • Get your site listed on top search engines
  • And teach you how to market on social media
We know not everyone's goals will be the same, and we will tailor this training course for your specific needs. This is not a franchise.  You will never pay us a recurring franchise fee.  There are no hidden costs.  Twin Tiers Drug & Alcohol Testing, LLC is fully insured with general AND professional liability insurance.  We have worked out discounted pricing on hotel packages and restaurants.  You'll see how we perform real collections at our nationally recognized facility, and how we manage on-site collections at one of our local clients' offices.  We have thought of everything.  All we you.
Call us today and let's plan your future! 
We will discuss what you will need in order to start the process, and what type of capital it will take to make it happen.  Your new beginning starts now with you, and Twin Tiers Drug & Alcohol Testing, LLC.  Let's do this!
"The best way to predict the future, is to create it." -Abraham Lincoln
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