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The backbone to any drug free workplace is the drug and alcohol testing policy your company adopts.  The DOT has specific requirements for this policy, and Twin Tiers Drug & Alcohol Testing, LLC can create a Drug Free Workplace Policy, for your company, that can cover both your DOT and Non-DOT workforce.  Some companies use their policy as an enforcement tool for detection and discharge of employees that violate the policy; others focus on employee performance, deterrence, and assistance.  TTDAT specializes in creating a Drug Free Workplace Policy that combines both these philosophies.

Why adopt, and institute, a drug free workplace policy?

  • You value the health and safety of all of your employees.

  • You are concerned that any employee who may be working under the influence of drug, or alcohol, could injure themselves, or another employee.

  • You are concerned about the impact of unhealthy lifestyle choices on medical and insurance costs.

  • You believe that alcohol, or drug, impairment impacts all aspects of an employee’s life negatively.

  • You believe that the productivity, of any worker who is impaired, is negatively impacted.

  • For some industries and jobs drug-free workplace programs are mandated.

  • In some industries, especially when products are easily stolen and sold, substance abusers may account for a large portion of product loss.

  • Finally, you want to send a powerful message to all employees about behavior that is not supported at work.

Drug Free Workplace Sign

The bottom line = your bottom line, and keeping your employees, and company, safe.  If you already have policy, Twin Tiers Drug & Alcohol Testing will review your policy, and fix any gaps there may be.  If you do not have a policy in place, TTDAT will create, and help promulgate your new policy.  We achieve this by: proper notice to your workforce, training for supervisors and employees, a Drug & Alcohol Testing Program, and treatment options.

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